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Junk or treasure?

So about a year ago my neighborhood was having street clean up. Coming back home from dropping my daughter off at school I noticed across the street from my house a neighbor had an old door out on the sidewalk. Right away I loved it, I saw so much potential for this piece. So I went across the street to pick it up only to realize…crap this door is heavy!! So I sat by my window like a weirdo making sure nobody else would take it. Then I hear the sound of a big garbage truck…. OH NO!!!! My husband wasn’t going to make it home in time to get it for me. So I find his dolly run across the street and manage to get it on and run back home with it hoping nobody saw me ( I never thought I would be one of those people that ran around picking up other peoples trash) but oh well with the help of my so handy hubby we made this exactly what I imagined it would be.

. So what I had pictured in my head was to cut the door in half, stain the glass and hang it above my favorite hutch. Well I didn’t know the first thing about staining so after researching we decided not to. First we went to lowes picked out the color I wanted it to be then I painted it but still let some of the original white show through to give it that rustic look. After looking at the glass on it it just didn’t look right so I had hubby do away with it. I am happy to show you our new and improved junk.


Hello world!

Hi my name is Kari. I recently started blogging in hope of helping and sharing all my diy projects with you. I never thought I was talented enough to have my own blog until a fellow coworker told me that I should start a side business and sale things that I have made. I thought to myself…. but I like everything I make so much that I could’nt possibly let it go lol. Sooooo I thought what if  I started blogging all my projects to show how to make them. I am such a big fan of diy because of all the$$$ I can SAVE!! I am a bargain shopper and LOVE a challenge. Besides whenyou diy theres so much more meaning behind it and theres nobody else out there with the same exact one as you. I hope you enjoy my blog, please remember its a work in progress 🙂

Happy Blogging