Since my hubby works in the construction field he was able to get me some pallets for some projects I had in mind. One of them being an anniversary present for my sister and her hubby. Nothing better than a customized gift and it goes good with their decor theme ( pottery barn look)


How to:             First he took apart the pallets for me. I arranged them how I wanted him to nail them in ( off-center) he took 2 pieces of wood about x’s and nailed them to the back of the pallets. next I mixed vinegar with coffee grounds and a wool pad let it soak. then I took the wool pad a rubbed it all over the front of the pallets. It gave it a natural stain. After trying to figure out how to paint the letters on perfect I was beginning to think this is it there’s no stencil out there the size i need. So i printed on paper exactly the way I wanted it to look and took it to a local sign design shop along with the pallet to have them make a sticker decal for me. I got it home put the sticker on which didn’t stick exactly duuhhh because its wood but we made it work. I painted the letter with white paint and purposely let the natural wood show through. Voala done!!