headboard 8

Its been a while since I posted last (sorry). Well we finished this project about a month ago and ive been taking my time to post it. This is a pinterest inspired headboard I had seen a long time ago and we finally did it! Well by we I actually mean “HE” lol! I directed and he made the creation.

*hooks to hang
*scrap wood for the back

So I layed out each pallet exactly how i wanted it to look then he cut them down. We turned them all over so he could screw the wood behind to hold it all together.

Next came the staining, black was my choice because its going to go with my decor best. Although a natural brown would be beautiful too.

After the staining had dried for a few days…weeks….Yep we’re always to busy to finish a project in a day or weekend. Kenny had screwed on the legs, he did this because the wood was so heavy we needed some support to hit the ground because the wall may not have held it.

I’m so pleased with the outcome! My room is finally coming together. We still have a lot to do but a little at a time! Happy blogging!