Well it’s been too long since I last posted and I have to admit I have been extremely busy and not enough time to post or let alone do any projects. Well I have done a couple with my mother in laws help but that will come in another post 😉
We just had a surprise anniversary present for some dear friends and of course I love to do a DIY gift but I just didn’t have time. So I went on etsy and found this personalized burlap and then I went and bought my own frame.

Then a few days before the party I had an idea of a DIY gift but waited til last minute to do it. Literally a couple hours before the party I was helping to throw. I ran to Michaels which is 30 min away and picked up and 8×10 frame, some embellishments, a piece of scrap booke paper for back ground and a piece to print on ( although I should have gotten 2 and you will see why) I’m going to snag the gift I gave back and fix it but for now this is it.
So I got home and cut down the paper I was going to print on to computer paper size and went to jw.org and searched under books and clicked on sing praises to Jehovah. I printed song #36 “what God has yoked together” – its a beautiful poetic song. Glued everything down a bam that was it. We ran out the door just in time for the party!!


So as you can see there is a middle seem you can see 😦 this happened because when i was at Michaels I had 2 peices of the tan scrap book paper and for some reason I ended up only buying one. So I had to put to halves together. This is why next time I go to their house I’m taking an extra peice of paper and some glue 🙂
I have since made this gift again for my cousins wedding and did it a bit different.
The theme of their wedding was country like. For the tables which I seen before hand since my girls were in the wedding was burlap with mason jars in the middle filled with wild flowers. So I decided to go with that theme for my gift. And here’s how it turned out:

And here’s one at the wedding of my beautiful girls.