Well another school year has came and gone. Time to let the teachers know how much we appreciated all their hard work.
I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do until 2 days ago. I knew I wanted to make something involving sewing since my hubby just got me a sewing machine last week.

So I put a few different ideas together. The first was making some pretty bookmarks made from fabric, what teacher doesn’t read?? Next came the smarties… I had seen something on Pinterest with them and thought it was really cute. Last I couldn’t figure out what the heck to put the smarties in. I came up with a good ol mason jar. Then at Walmart finding a cute little wooden bird to glue on the front. I then had to incorporate the smarties into the equation somehow so I wrote on the little bird with a sharpie.
2 days ago my daughter had her award assembly and I fortunately got a pic with her and her teacher. So I put the picture in the card and framed it with buttons. Sewing tutorial will come soon I was so excited about the gift I had to hurry and post it. Have a great summer!
Last day of school HOORAY!