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DIY picture frame chalkboard

A friend gave me a picture frame a while back and the back of it where the stand is was starting to detach, she figured I’d find something to do with it and …… I did!
So first I spray-painted the glass that it came with with chalkboard spray paint from lowes. I was so excited to hurry up and use it I didn’t give it enough time to dry properly so it was kind of hard to write on. This is how it looked

It’s the same one you may have seen on the pallet table we made.
I was getting frustrated it didn’t write very well so I took the glass out and sprayed it again in the other side. A couple coats with drying in between. Then 2 days later I “seasoned” the chalkboard by rolling chalk in one direction over the whole thing then rubbing chalk over the whole thing the other direction.
I liked the frame but decided I wanted to paint it a different color to go with my decor better.


I don’t know if I will be keeping it in this spot because I want to make a much larger one to go on the wall behind the table but for now this will do 👌


Skinny wall table

So far a while now I’ve been wanting a table to fill a blank spot against a wall that connects the dining area to the living room. I need to be able to put up more pictures around the house without just putting them on the walls.
What better place to go than to Pinterest for some ideas 😉. I found one I liked a lot but when clicking on the post it wouldn’t take me anywhere. Which was ok my handy hubby doesn’t need instructions.
This is how it began:

This was the inspiration, to whomever the original table was posted by: thank you for the idea lol.
Time to get started



In case your wondering….YES I do actually help. All my projects I see in my head exactly how I want them to look so I need to be 100% involved to make sure it goes accordingly. 😀


It never gets old writing “love you” notes to hub. 💕

Of course a helper is necessary 👧🔨

Got the base in place



Almost done….


We decided to have it professionally stained

And into the house it goes. This is a temporary set up until I get some pictures I want on it. Until then…..