As I mentioned in my growth chart post my sister just had her shower almost 2 weeks ago. It came out beautiful! And involved many family and friends help from food to bbqing to setting up and to decorating. Here are a few pics I got on my phone as all the pics are on my good camera that hasn’t been uploaded to the computer yet.




I got all the flowers from Costco and highly recommend them to anyone planning on using flowers as centerpieces. So affordable and they were beautiful. In fact I went to my sisters just a couple days ago and they still look beautiful. My husband had found wood on the side of the road and I saw it sitting in the back of his truck and thought OMG if you cut that up I can use it to put my centerpieces on. And they came out awesome. He even stained some because the bark on the outside had fallen off some.
The troft and metal pans we borrowed from a friend of ours which worked perfect for the beers and bottled waters. I didn’t get a picture on my phone of all the food before the cake came out but It was amazing. My brother in laws mom put in a lot of work. And the BBQ boys did too.




I had a friend of mine make the cake and she did amazingly. I sent her pics similar to what I was going for and she did just that. Brother n laws mom had a friend of a friend that did the cupcakes and they were a huge hit. Overall baby shower was great! Only a couple more weeks and my nephew will be here!!
Oh and the invitations I sent out were these.. They fit the occasion just right. The bottom is missing but for a good reason with personal info on it

Almost forgot the diaper cake
I made. This was before it was finished I forgot to get a pic of it all done only thing added really were 3 smaller all different colored burlap flowers on the middle layer in the front. And as for the “K” on top is what my nephews name starts with.