I can’t believe it’s seriously been a year since I posted anything!!! I have done many projects but just never got around to posting them. Partially because my internet is so slow and I have to do most of my internet surfing on my phone. It doesn’t help that I updated my phone and deleted all my pics on my phone to make space. They’re on my computer so eventually when I get around to it I’ll post my older pics.
So for now things are going to be posted completely out of order from recent to older.
This project was just finished 2 weeks ago in time for my sisters baby shower. I wanted to make them something to keep track of baby’s growth which was Pinterest inspired but with my own twist.
It was fairly easy, I picked out the wood at lowes only $11. Hubby picked up the stain and clear polyurethane. I got the numbers at walmart in the mailbox section. Of course I couldn’t have done this project without hubby, I thought I would only need him to measure out all the lines for me but I needed him more than that. Being that I’m 7 months pregnant after staining one side of the wood the fumes started getting too stong. The polyurethane was even stronger so I had him do that completely. He marked off for me in pencil where to put my lines. I wanted the wood to have a slight groove( indentions) for each line which was probably
The most time consuming. I used the end of a small paint brush and just pushed really hard to let it penetrate the wood then after i was done with that i painted each line with regular black wall paint.
Enough blah blah blah here it is…










I know being that the wood is darker and the paint and numbers are black it doesn’t stick out too much. I considered using white but black over ruled. We plan on making another one for our baby and girls soon which may end up looking completely different. Thank for stopping by!!