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Rustic nursery bookshelves

we finally finished Kambrias bookshelves for her room. I am so happy with how they turned out. Her room sure has been coming along.


Rocking chair makeover

So before I had Kambria I was looking for a rocking chair to makeover. One of my old coworkers found me one at a yard sale for $40! And for the first time I made my own chalk paint using a flat purple paint I picked out at Lowes for a quart it was $5 and I mixed it with plaster of paris. Then I finished with Annie Sloan clear wax. It goes perfectly in her room.

IMG_7321 IMG_7322 IMG_7327 IMG_7323 IMG_7328 IMG_7480

Floating shelves

A few weeks ago we tackled another part of our baby’s room. It’s almost finished. We built (by we I mean my hubby) floating shelves to fill a blank wall. I helped by staining and taking care of our beautiful baby girl while he did the building. I’m so pleased with how they turned out!

I will be posting more of her bedroom soon. It was pretty much done before she was here except for a few extras like the shelves and some book shelves we are just about finished with. Stay tuned!

Roll Top Desk

Im so excited I got a new piece today!! Not only is it a new piece but it’s the first one im going to refinish and SELL! I know for my first it’s an odd piece but for some reason I’ve always loved roll top desks. I think because my grandma has one and its a childhood memory thing. So my plan for this is to sand some areas that are damaged and replace the back board of it. Then give it some annie Sloan love. I could make my own chalk paint too but I haven’t decided yet. I’m leaning towards white distressed look but then the adventurous side of me wants to do a more fun color. If any one has ideas leave me a comment. I’m hoping to start this project next week.😁